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            C2650chemical/oil tanker
            Date:2012Years  7Month  30Day Browse[2540]

            This vessel is oil /IMO-2 chemical tanker, for shipment of oil or the goods from MARPOL specification BCD types. Double sculls, unlimited navigation areas, loading capacity 2800T, speed of 11 knots


            總 長(length 0.A)  82.98m 功 率(engine power)  2*746KW
            兩柱間長(LBP)  79.45m 船 員(crew)  10人
            型 寬(molded breadth  12.5m 航 區(navigation area)  無限航區
            型 深(molded depth)  6.3m 航 速(ship speed)  11節
            吃 水(draft)  4.8m 載重量(deadweight)  2800t
            最大吃水(maximum draft) 5.0m  
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