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            79A type traction boat
            Date:2012Years  7Month  30Day Browse[16809]

            79-A type motorboat is a pontoon bridge equipment water power device. Can also be used to perform other operations. 6135ZCaB-36 equipped diesel engine a ( 140KW ). The motorboat for longitudinal flow of wave dissipation of stern flow water Xiao ting. Land held by a modified TM-SC2030 cross-country car carrying, using the car ’s hydraulic crane for loading and flashing. On the water is very flexible. The boat was awarded the National Prize for progress in science and technology. The products have entered the international market.

            總 長(length 0.A)  8.696m 功 率(engine power)  140kw
            吃水( draft)  0.6m 系柱拖力(bollard pull)  2300kg
            型 寬(molded breadth  2.4m 航 速(ship speed)  25km/h
            型 深(molded depth)  1.3m 續航力(endurance)  7h
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