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            Singapore 26M Tugboat Construction Project Progressing Well
            Date:2015Years  4Month  17Day Browse[17546]

                The project of the POET 26M ASD tug is in full swing in the year 2015 by the Bengbu shipyard. The keel-laying construction for these two tugs that are commenced in advance has completed smoothly.
                So far in the year of 2015, we company will build for Singapore ship owners, 4-ASD- Tug with the length of 26M. What is more,  these 4 tugs shall be fully constructed on the ship-berth in Bengbu Shenzhou Machinery Co. Ltd.
                These 4 steel ASD tugs, with the length of 26M, towing force of 45T, speed of 11 knots, is classed by American Bureau of Shipping(ABS).
                                                             Keel-laying picture on 9th, April 2015
                                                      General Arrangement Plan for 26M ASD Tug(part)
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